Your SEA&SEA Housing & Lens Selections
Image aberration is rarely apparent.
Manual Focus cannot be used.
Auto focus cannot be used.
It may be necessary to remove the dome shades at the widest picture angle so they do not appear in the images.
Either the zoom gear or the focus gear can be mounted on the lens. When the zoom gear is used, manual focus is not possible. When the focus gear is used, the zoom gear cannot be used.
The location of the gear on the lens is different from that described on the instruction sheet. Please see addendum sheet included with the housing.
The lens was redesigned in 2013. The zoom gear above is only compatible with the later lens, produced from 2013 onward. The later lens has a C label on the barrel.
The power zoom can be used with the accessory spacer.
A close-up lens with M67 mount can be attached to the end of the port.
Disclaimer: If camera lens is not listed, then SEA&SEA has not tested for compatibility, and therefore a proper port combination cannot be suggested.